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Kalama Performs for 7th Annual Lei Day Celebration 2014

It is hard to imagine that this is our 7th Annual Lei Day Celebration…  This year Halau Kalama which is a NONPROFIT organization was fortunate enough to have Fiesta Palace Event Center donate their space to have Lei Day.  As always…  Kalama Polynesian Dancers and Polynesian Party Planners INC.  teamed up with Halau Kalama and provided them with amazing entertainment.  This year (as always) expect a NEW and REFRESHING show with beautiful costumes and choreography.  If you missed our Lei Day Celebration the good news is that you can stay tuned to our calendar and posts and watch us perform this summer.  If you would like to book us at your next event please give us a call to schedule! We are available for birthday parties, corporate parties, graduations, weddings, nursing homes, schools, and MORE!  

Lastly if you are looking to start something fun and exciting this summer check out our Polynesian Dance Classes offered in Aurora CO.  Our classes have been ongoing for 7 years!  We have expanded our classes and now teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced Hula and Tahitian for men and woman.  We also offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes for children 3 and UP.  We also have a fire knife class for men and women.  There are 10 instructors that teach every Saturday.  We have classes for all levels.  We also offer discounted tuition if you volunteer for our partner ~ Halau Kalama.  Come and try the first class for free.  

Have a spectacular summer and hope to see you soon at your next event… Mahalo Nui Loa!

Kawehi with the Nifo Afi

~ Tahitian Dancer ~ Taiana~

Maori Dancer Noelani

Implement Hula with The Wahines of Kalama

SJC Tahiti Fete 2012

Kalama Polynesian Dancers will be taking their classes to a whole new level.  Kalama will be participating in Polynesian Dance Competitions starting in 2013.  This year some of the members of the group will be attending several competitions and workshops.  For example Lehua and Aiwa is shown here attending the San Jose Tahiti Fete 2012 and fortunate to take workshops from Tali one of the judges and a world renowned choreographer and dancer.

Workshop with Tali

2 day Maori * Samoa * Tahitian Workshop

On Tues March 1st and Wed March 2nd Halau Kalama members and students got to meet my long time friend Simi Hansen Fiso who I worked with at The Mai-Kai Polynesian Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Simi and his brother Keawe came to Aurora, CO to help choreograph our Samoan Section, Maori Section, and Tahitian Section for our 2011 Polynesian Revue which starts on May 1, 2011 – our 4th Annual Lei Day Celebration.  Not only did the Halau exprerience the creativity and talent of the two performers but also made long time friendships.

Simi and Aiwa

Hansen with the Drummers

Keawe teaching the boys The Haka

Group Picture at the Workshop

***Contact us for workshop information***

New Polynesian Dance Classes

Due to our Lei Day Event on May 2nd 2010 in Denver Colorado our April Classes will vary.  Please contact the Halau for classes interest.  Our classes are always ongoing.  We will post the April classes on the event calendar soon and please check our MAY calendar soon as we will be posting our NEW class calendar.  Mahalo!

Kumu Lani from Ilima Hula Halau~ WORKSHOPS!

POLYNESIAN DANCE Workshops featuring Kumu HulaKulaniakea Kaleiki-AhLo`Ilima Hula Studio, Waimanalo, Hawai`i

Host: Halau Pulama Mau Ke Aloha Ka ‘Ohana Ilima of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO

Host: Halau Pulama Mau Ke Aloha Ka ‘Ohana Ilima of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO
Phone: (719) 282-1930

Colorado Springs Workshop Location: October 3 and 4, 2009
Colorado College Cossitt Hall
906 N. Cascade Avenue, COlorado Springs, CO 80903

Denver Workshop Location: October 5, 2009, 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Knights of Columbus Hall at 4600 Clay St. Corner 46th.

Cost: $40.00 per session; 2 sessions – $75.00

HULA: (no implements)Saturday, October 3, 2009
Session #1: 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m – Hula Awana ( open for everyone)
Session #2: 1:30 to 5:00 p.m. – Hula kahiko ( participants must have previous hula experience)

‘Ori Tahiti: Sunday, October 4, 2009; 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m – (2 sessions)
Includes possible tahitian drumming, Aparima and Otea workshops
6:00 p.m – Ho’ike ( group presentations) by participants and to celebrate KUMU KULANIAKEA’S BIRTHDAY!!

Aunty Ma’ila:
Phone: (719) 282-1930 Cell:(719) 510-4056
Uncle Andy: (719) 510-6658

Kumu Lani’s BIO…Kumu Hula Kulaniakea Kaleiki-AhLo inherited from her mother a rich hula heritage as well as all the dances of Polynesia. Kumu Lani is the daughter of the late Kumu Hula Louise Kahili’okalani Kaleiki, who founded the `Ilima Hula Studio on O`ahu 1956. Her aunty, Kumu Hula Luka Kaleiki was also a dominant fixture at the `Ilima Hula Studio, supporting her sister Louise and discipling a young Lani-girl. In 1974, young Lani won the Kaua`i Tahiti `Fete Novice Dance Trophy.Kumu Louise was a recording singer together with artists such as Aunty Emma Kamaka (Kumu Chinky Mahoe’s auntie), Sonny Chillingsworth and the like. She learned hula from Uncle Henry Mo’ikelua O’ Tahiti Pa and Uncle George Na`ope. Eventually, Kumu Louise was entrusted with teaching hula to Uncle George Na`ope’s haumana as he traveled the world to teach hula. This gave birth to the unique `Ilima style of hula. The “Merrie Monarch” began as a four-day festival in 1964 by na Kumu Hula George Na`ope, Louise Kaleiki and Pauline Kekahuna; it was they who conceptualized the idea of a hula competition within the festival that was held for the first time in 1970 at the 8th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival. Since the passing of na Kumu Hula Louise and Luka, Kumu Lani became the sole survivor and heir to the `Ilima Hula Studio. She taught hula off and on as was persuaded by Uncle George Na`ope and others to teach traditional hula, again. Recently, with her decision to teach hula, she has made the unique `Ilima style of hula alive again in Hawai`i and at her rootlets in CO and MD. Kumu Lani also visits Japan to continue the sharingof Ilima Hula Studio. Kumu Lani is the heart of the revered `Ilima Hula Studio, past and present. Komo Mai! Come, welcome ~ and drink full of the spirit of HULA ALOHA! … and do spread the word! HULA with Spirit ~ Live with ALOHA
Please fill-in the attached registration form to secure your slot in the workshops.

Send filled-up registration form and payment to:
Magic of the Pacific Islands or Maila A. Gutierrez
4379 Prairie Willow Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Keiki (Children’s) Hula/Tahitian Dance Classes in Aurora CO

Keiki Combo Class- Beginner/Intermediate

Keiki Combo Class- Beginner/Intermediate

Keiki Combo Class- Beginner/Intermediate

Taught by: Polynesian Party Planners Inc
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Description This class is for children that would like to learn Hula. This class is for beginners and intermediate dancers. No previous dance class experience required. Children learn basic hula moves and dance choreography. Children also have opportunities to perform at public and private events.
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