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Polynesian Dance Student Costumes

WOW!!! I think I got spoiled for years dancing at the incredible Mai-Kai Polynesian Restaurant. You know we made some things like cover our bands, make our Samoan Section feathers, cut our skirts, make ti-leaf skirts, etc… I used to complain ALL the time about doing anything that had to deal with costumes. I would even offer people to do my costumes for payment! But now that I have Halau Kalama… I can’t even begin to think that way.

I have putting together all of these costumes for the dancers and trying to remember what I had seen for years all of the seamstress doing. I appreciate them a lot more. I also appreciate Ma at the Mai-Kai for having to make costumes and choreograph the show. It is a lot of work.

I do feel awesome though with all of the finished costumes that I have done. I didn’t know I was even capable of doing all of this. It is actually motivating me to do more. For my next gift I asked my boyfriend for a sewing machine!

Just to let you know though I am going to share “costume making” with the show. I don’t want them to get “spoiled” either. I want them to feel the accomplishment of making their own costumes and wearing them with PRIDE on stage.