Client Testimonials

We loved to hear from Cherish for her birthday event again this year!  Here is what she said about us last year!  :)

Glenda I was so impressed with your production. As you know, I have been to many Luau’s in Hawaii, Disney and including the Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale. So, I know and love this type of dance. Your dances were of the highest calibre. Each dancer was very familiar with the dances and exuded confidence during every routine. Your interactions with the audience encourage participation and made the entire event festive. The costumes were elegant, highly detailed and absolutely beautiful. I could not believe how pretty they were!!! I was so impressed with the number of costume changes, the variety of dances and the music. The drummer and his instrument lent a special flair to the evening. The fire knife dance was well worth the small extra sum. It completely mesmerized the audience and the kids loved it too. Your music selection was great and we loved the finish with the Hawaii 5-0 theme. You were all so kind and charming, as well as highly professional and entertaining. I am so glad you stayed for dessert. You did a remarkable job and I loved it!!!


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